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  • How Soon Can I See You?
    As soon as you reach out seeking services! I try to keep my replies to within a one-day turnaround. Once I see your request I'll send you the necessary paperwork and we can get started as soon as you fill out the forms!
  • Can I See You as an Indivudal Client and with My Partner?
    While it is therapuetically appropriate to invite a partner to individual sessions once or twice, it is not ethical for me to see a client as an individual and as a couple. However, I have great referrals for individuals and couples alike!
  • What Is Your Rate?
    I currently charge $150 for individual sessions and $200 for couples sessions. These are average rates for therapy in private practice settings.
  • Do You Take Insurance?
    I do not currently take insurance. However, I can fill out a superbill for you to send to your provider.* *There is no gurantee that a superbill will lead to a reduced cost
  • Can I See You in Person?
    I see people in my home or provide walk therapy on the paseos if people want to get exercise while doing therapy. Additionally, in home visits may be performed if therapeutically necessary. Telehealth is always an option for those who don't mind meeting online or have busy schedules.
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