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"The main benefit of therapy is having a trained outside perspective dedicated to helping you grow with no ulterior motive for that growth."

Good therapy starts with great therapeutic relationships. It is my task to seek to understand you as you see yourself and to help you draw out the change that you want to see. Therapy is a collaborative effort, which means your participation and desire for change is essential to this process. However, what I expect of my clients I expect of myself, which means I will work hard and will always desire to see you grow.

Passion for People

My first Master's degree was in teaching English to speakers of other languages. While I enjoyed the job, I found that I cared more about my students and their lives rather than their grasp of the material I was tasked to teach. That's when I decided to cut out the middleman and pursue a career in marriage and family therapy. Now I can focus on lives of my clients and help them become their best selves. 

Why I Believe in Therapy

I believe that even the most self-aware individuals have blind spots concerning themselves and how they make their choices in life. Having an unbiased third-party sitting with you as you share about your hopes and dreams, current demons, and past regrets can help you see your life and your decisions from new perspectives. I believe in therapy because I believe there is always another way to consider why we do what we do. 

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