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Healing Starts Here

Why Choose Therapy?

Have you ever wanted to sit down and take time to think about why you do what you do and what drives you to press on? Have you ever attempted to share these revelations with others but walked away frustrated when you felt unheard? Do you feel stuck in your problems and cannot seem to escape? This is what the therapeutic space provides, the opportunity to be heard and understood in one of the most objective relationships you can have in life.

Meet Aaron Kellogg

Aaron is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Santa Clarita, California. Aaron believes life-changing therapy stems from the union of evidence-based practices appropriately applied to client's lives. Clients can expect to set goals and uncover new revelations about themselves in an encouraging and safe space.

Aaron is a native of Santa Clarita, graduating from Saugus High School in 2011. With a family of his own, Aaron understands what it means to be a loving husband and attentive father while working full-time. 

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In-Home Services (Santa Clarita) or Telehealth

Aaron provides sessions out of his home in Santa Clarita. For those who would rather meet online you are no longer constrained by your physical location! We can meet online as long as you have an internet connection and a camera. Please contact me to set up your first appointment. If you would like a brief consultation by phone first, please include the best times to reach you with your phone number.

Practice Areas

Specialties to Meet Your Needs


Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions focusing on individuals seeking to understand themselves and their issues better.


Therapy sessions focused on  couples as a unit. Best for people who see their romantic relationship as their main psychological issue. 


Family Therapy

Therapy sessions focused on families as a unit. Therapy may include nuclear family units, extended family, and close family friends if needed. 


ADD Counseling

As an individual with ADD, Aaron brings a unique perspective to therapy sessions for individuals with diagnosed or suspected ADD.


Therapy for Gamers

Aaron has a background in playing games and understands the drive behind of impulsive playing, mental health issues related to gaming, and the toxicity of the online gaming community. 


Christian Counseling

Aaron is a born-again Christian with a bachelor's and master's from Moody Bible Institute. Aaron can include aspects of Christianity into counseling by special request.

Practice Areas
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